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Theocharis Recovery House is founded by Nicholas Theocharis, who once was heavily addicted to hard drugs himself.

He is now drug-free from everything since the 20th of august 1997.

Since being clean and sober, Nicholas discovered his talent and passion for helping others and found his calling in life.



The name Theocharis comes from Nicholas's parents, who were Greek Cypriots (Nicholas was born in London, the UK) and has a very beautiful meaning; it means 'by the Grace of God'.

It was only in 2014 that he discovered that Theocharis has it's own name day; the 20th of august. 

Now is it a coincidence that this was exactly the same day that Nicholas got clean?! He likes to refer to this as a Godincindence :)

Committed to a fulltime study at university for over more than four years, he became a fully qualified counsellor.

During this time he trained hands-on, in high-standard drug and alcohol rehabs in the South of England with some of the finest leading professionals.


After graduation he worked in a young offenders institution for two years, delivering drug and alcohol treatment.

Then he went back to work in several community rehabs in the South of England before going to work for the government; National Health Service (NHS) in England, contracted to deliver 12 step treatment in prison settings. He did this for 9 years.


Meanwhile, after that, he was called to deliver interventions to Spain while advising sober living houses in the USA.

He visited America a lot during all this period always looking at how he could improve to better help others, by improving his own self-development.


In 2010 he then was headhuntered to work for a drug and alcohol clinic in the Netherlands. Although the clinic later closed, Nicholas became known for delivering 12 step treatment and helping people with dual diagnosis disorders and he decided to stay and create his own company; CaringPoint (we care around the world). The company name later changed into Theocharis Recovery House and has now become a non-profit foundation.

Theocharis Recovery House is nowadays still based in Holland and offers many different services, like one-week retreats in Cyprus, full-day workshops in IJsselstein (UT), three month weekly online workshop series and one-on-one tailor made programs. As Nicholas has experienced in his own life journey what it means to improve his health in different areas like food and exercise, he loves to incorporate healthy living into aiding people's recovery from adiction.  

Nicholas is very passionate about helping people to live their best life and see them thrive in their potential.

Because the real life challenges only begin after coming home from a rehab and life is in session, he understands like no other the real need for aftercare, strong support and guidance and is therefore an important focus.

His mission is to be helpful, kind, loving, and respectful of all our service users and make sure they find everlasting permanent recovery by recovering from drug addiction and any self destructive behaviour


Nicholas is happy to talk with you and offer you an assessment to establish an agreed custom personal plan and how to move forward with his support and guidance to aid your everlasting permanent recovery.

Give us a call today!   


  • Empathic 

  • Kind 

  • Honest

  • Open & Transparent

  • Safe & Confidential 

  • Unique and effective 

  • Custom made recovery programs 

  • 12 Steps of AA, CA, NA, SA 

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy 

  • Motivational enhancement therapy 

  • Motivational Interviewing 

  • Solution-focused 

  • One to One 

  • Group work 

  • Live Workshops

  • Recovery Vacation / Retreats

  • Online Workshops

  • Holistic Approach

  • Physical, emotional, social and spiritual

  • Wellbeing

  • Unique aftercare 

  • Spirituality

Nicholas Theocharis Website
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