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The Full Story


Theocharis Recovery House is now a fully charitable foundation non-profit (ANBI status in Dutch)


In this way we are able to help even more people than we already have and reach out to them and let them know that recovery is possible; from addiction to a life worth living. We are also able to help and support the families of the addicted person to understand what is going on in order to learn how to support the addict in recovery.

As we are not about delivering business, we are here to deliver help, support, and guidance to all of the public sector by understanding addiction and recovery from addiction in a attractive, holistic, effective, intense and fun way.

Not for profit.


We have a sponsorship financial pot to help people to access our services regardless of their financial status.

Certain criteria will need to be followed.

Our volunteers who help to support and guide others to a life without addiction are all in addiction recovery themselves.

The board members of the foundation are:

E. Slagter - Chair 

A. Vos- Treasurer

R. Kuppermann- Secretary 

Policy for remuneration: Stichting Theocharis Recovery house does not aim to make a profit. The foundation aims to keep costs as low as possible. The management board members receive no remuneration for their work. They are entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties.


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    Beleidsplan 2022                                       2022                                          Annual accounts  



Activitenverslag 2023


Vision The woods


We envision anyone to have access to our services regardless of anyone's financial status. Theocharis Recovery House foundation believes that every addicted person deserves to recover and lead a sober, healthy, and productive life.


Our mission is to help the addicted to start their recovery journey and for recovering addicts to enahnce their recovery and thrive in their potential,

We can also include and guide the whole family  to lead a healthy productive life.

At Theocharis Recovery House, our mission is to save lives by providing creative and effective personalised addiction recovery programmes and offering continuum of care. 

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