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Info for Treatment centres 

We are happy for you to connect with us. So you can assure your client to be picked up by our service when he or she returns back to the Netherlands from your facility. We will then guide and support them and connect them to the 12 fellowships here in the Netherlands. We are English speaking and we also have volunteers to guide people in Dutch too.  We can also connect them to individuals who can offer them sponsorship. and of course, we could offer them our recovery workshops with no obligation. Our workshops we are told serve as a real-life aftercare group as we also work from the process as outlined in the big book of AA. Our workshops are interactive where we also explore the principles traditions and concepts etc and how to bring them to your life. We explore real-life situations each week from each participant and review how to bring the 12 step program and the principles to life as life goes on. 

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