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Online Recovery Programmes 

For people who are not able or willing to go to a rehab treatment programme

Online Rehab

We have created this service online as we are aware not everyone is able or willing to go into a rehab treatment programme.

We have created something what we believe is to be an awesome online alternative, for you to be able to access our expertise from your own home or work enviroment or wherever you might be. 

Your needs will be explored and established.
A full recovery plan will be established; tailor-made to your individual needs. 

We offer a 28 days online rehab. 
Our unique online therapeutic programme will take you through all of
the 12 steps of recovery.

Two months online rehab
Continue to learn and grow after 28 days. This is a good foundation
towards permanent recovery.

Three months online rehab
This extra month will give you extra support, continued therapy 
and guide you to bring the 12 steps to life with any challenges 
you may face. This will help you gain the tools towards everlasting freedom from addiction.


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