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Welcome to your retreat

Spiritual recovery retreats

We offer people in recovery a safe enviorment to have a holiday and retreat with other like minded people. 

Traveling does not mean drinking or using drugs.  Our retreats are about living, learning and growing, doing different things, exploring new places, Creating awesome memories and you do all this with people on the same path as you, so you build friendships too that may last a lifetime.

Your retreats are intermate usually no more than 5 people at a time

Your retreats include a wide variety of activites. We also have a light daily programme to rejevenate and center your mind body and spirit all this with others on the same path. We have recovery workshops meditation and other groups too. 

Your retreats can help you with communications skills along with establishing boundaries and learning to be open and transparent. all in safe group setting on your holiday retreat.

Your retreats include breakfast lunch and dinner and all your drinks for the week, 



An example: Relax time, 12 step workshops, Meditation Groups, other activities beach time, mountain time and more!   See our next retreat for more info 

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