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Live Addiction Recovery Workshops 


Addiction ends

Rehab ends 

Life begins

Continuum of care

Once a month we organize a live recovery workshop in IJsselstein (Utrecht).

These one recovery day workshops are for those who are committed to keep learning and growing.

Utilise this service as it will make a dynamic aftercare experience. Where we will support and guide any individual through any life challenge  one may be facing as life is in session. We help you and motivate you see the right tool you need to put into action and do the next right thing for you and those around you and for your ongoing recovery personal developement,

We explore recovery topics inspired by the 12 steps, 12 traditions and the 12 concepts of service and more.

We offer education on the spritual principles of the 12 steps, 12 traditions and concepts. We are not affiliated with any recovery fellowship,


Our recovery day workshop also includes motivational enhancement therapy which is being used in varied recovery themed groups, like goals groups, assertivenes skills, setting boundaris and more.

Alongside of this serious intense work, we find it important to incorporate a lot of fun and good, healthy food and drinks.

We love and support a healthy lifestyle and when body, mind and spirit are in balance true potential can start to thrive.  

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