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You are probably here because you are seeking help either for yourself or a loved one. Thank you for showing the courage to seek help and be proud that you are taking the steps to enhance yourself or your loved one towards a better quality of life. You are in the right place. Theocharis Recovery House is a place of warmth, healing and hope. We can help. Connect with us for expert help, no obligation.

Welcome to our Premier Unique Addiction Recovery Service's


“ My name is Nicholas Theocharis. I am a recovered addict myself and a fully qualified counsellor since 2001. I have helped many drug and alcohol addicts, sex addicts and gaming addicts from around the world since that time.”

Nicholas Theocharis

Theocharis Recovery House

Being a fully qualified  expert in creating addiction recovery programmes since 2001

Being a fully qualified counsellor since 2001, I have created Theocharis Recovery house in 2015.

Theocharis Recovery House is a very unqiue, affordable and effective recovery environment. We stand out from other drug and alcohol programmes by being flexible and transparent, offering creative personal custom-made recovery therapeutic programmes to meet the personal individual needs of you or your loved one. We also bring you our expertise online without losing any quality of our programmes.

Starting as a private practice, we now have created a foundation. In june 2022 we were granted the ANBI status. Since we decided not to collaborate with health insurance companies and still wanting to be affordable, we now have the possibility to recieve donations. Believing in our own strength makes us 100% sure to deliver you the best practice for you or your loved one, to combat addiction and to find everlasting permanent recovery.

At Theocharis Recovery House we help you to learn to thrive in your potential to live your best life.

Meditation on the olive groves in Cyprus
Retreat House Cyprus
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Alterntive Care Netherlands Rehab
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Rehab Retreat Cyprus
Sunset on a retreat in Cyprus

Premier Addiction Recovery Service / Continuum of Care 

   Services & Reviews


Addiction case/care management

We establish and organise the right primary care rehabilitation services that suit the individual. We oversee, support and guide that prosess all the way to aftercare for your ongoing personal recovery.

This programme is the complete package.


Rehab Online  Custom Made Recovery Programmes

In our initial assessment, we establish your goals to formulate a plan for your online recovery program that suits your individual needs

Alternative Care Rehab

In Ijsselstein Netherlands you are welcome as an Inpatiant or outpatient. Where you will be given a custom-made recovery program to suit your individual needs.


Cyprus Recovery Holiday / Rehab Retreat.

 Addiction recovery holiday retreat. safeguard your recovery and holiday on this retreat with other like-minded people. 



Online Addiction Recovery Workshop

This workshop is delivered via zoom. Every Sunday various recovery topics are discussed and practiced as we go along  

Addiction Recovery Live Workshops

This is for people who are committed to ongoing change. Once a month for those in recovery from addiction.


Therapy Sessions
See what people say
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Erik van Dongen  recommends Theocharis Recovery House

Cyprus And Holland.

3rd October 2016

I went on the sober fun retreat to Cyprus

It was a blast.... I learned a lot from it ...

especially from the people who I shared the house with...

Learned some great stuff about recovery.

Which I think I wouldn't have had anywhere else.

Nice house, nice surroundings ...

I would go again in a heartbeat!!

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David H Jones recommends Theocharis Recovery House

Cyprus And Holland.

24 July 2016 ·   


Theocharis Recovery House: 

I was a residential client at Theocharis Recovery House for two weeks this summer (July 2016). Before arriving in IJsselstein I was completely lost and had no idea what the next right thing might be, I knew I needed help and couldn’t find it where I lived.

I was greeted with love and care and a customized program was offered just for my specific requirements. I settled quickly to the comfortable accommodation and the wonderful organic menu all added to the great experience I found. I was offered one-to-one guidance from a man with great depth of experience and became involved with others who were using the facility, peer support and group workshops were the highlight of the two weeks.

The house itself it set in the most beautiful of Dutch surroundings and I was encouraged to get out and explore the area, this too simply added to the whole experience. I found out a lot about myself and quickly became aware of things I needed to address for my recovery. I was helped to address so many issues and start making big changes in my thoughts and attitudes. Even though the whole process was intense and the work challenging at times I felt under no great pressure and the pace of the program was just right. I was made to feel loved and in return rediscovered how to love those around me. I feel that I grew spiritually and emotionally, now having completed I have a much better understanding of exactly how to grow in understanding and effectiveness.

I shall return to the house later this summer for follow-up counseling and take part in further group workshops. I am so grateful to Nick and Evelien for their support, guidance, and very generous hospitality, I have found friends for life and healed many old relationships, I am more content and focused on what I need to do next and conscious that in return I can reach out to others in the same situation. I do not hesitate one bit in recommending the service on offer and no matter what your situation, if you are lost in recovery, I am convinced that Theocharis Recovery House is a great spiritual resource that can help.

(d.j. July 2016)


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